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Just Published! Research Foundations for Understanding Books and Reading in the Digital Age

The journal's inaugural issue is Research Foundations for Understanding Books and Reading in the Digital Age, drawn from among the papers presented at INKE's October 2009 gathering of the same name.
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Vol 1, No 1 (2009): Research Foundations for Understanding Books and Reading in the Digital Age

Table of Contents

Simulating Reading: Digital Research Beyond the Database PDF HTML
Craig Saper
Theoretical Grounding for Computer Assisted Expert Text reading (CASTR) PDF HTML
Jean Guy Meunier, Pierre Poirier, Jean Danis, Nicolas Payette
Implementing New Knowledge Environments: Year 1 Research Foundations PDF HTML
Ray Siemens, Richard Cunningham, Alan Galey, Stan Ruecker, Lynne Siemens, Claire Warwick, Teresa Dobson, the INKE Research Group
Alternatives to Author-centric Knowledge Organization PDF HTML
Rama C. Hoetzlein
Where’s Walden?: Searching, Googling, Reading, and Living in the Digital Age PDF HTML
Ethan Hawkley
Creating a Virtual Library Classroom Tool for Digital Age Youth PDF HTML
Serina Patterson
Revolutionary reading, evolutionary toolmaking: (Re)development of scholarly reading and annotation tools in response to an ever-changing scholarly climate PDF HTML
James MacGregor, Michael Joyce, Brett Hirsch, Cara Leitch, Ray Siemens, Chia-Ning Chiang, Rick Kopak
The Lemma and Database Design: Redesigning Representative Poetry Online, Lemmatizing Lexicons of Early Modern English, and Envisioning the Lemmatic Web PDF HTML
Marc Plamondon
Sound, Ink, Bytes. Geographical Information through the Centuries PDF HTML
Øyvind Eide
Beyond Remediation: The Role of Textual Studies in Implementing New Knowledge Environments PDF HTML
Alan Galey, Richard Cuningham, Brent Nelson, Ray Siemens, Paul Werstine, the INKE Research Group
Tradition and Transparency: Why Book Design Still Matters in the Digital Age PDF HTML
Jon Bath
Designing Interfaces that Stimulate Ideational Super-fluency PDF HTML
Sharon Oviatt
The Text and the Line of Action: Re-conceiving Watching the Script PDF HTML
Jennifer Roberts-Smith, Sandra Gabriele, Stan Ruecker, Stéfan Sinclair, with Matt Bouchard, Shawn DeSouza-Coelho Diane Jakacki, Annemarie Kong, David Lam, Omar Rodriguez
‘Mark the Play’: Electronic Editions of Shakespeare and Video Content PDF HTML
Brett Hirsch, Stewart Arneil, Greg Newton
Drilling for Papers in INKE PDF HTML
Stan Ruecker, Geoffrey Rockwell, Milena Radzikowska, Stéfan Sinclair, Christian Vanderthorpe, Ray Siemens, Teresa Dobson, Lindsay Doll, Mark Bieber, Michael Eberle-Sinatra, Shannon Lucky, the INKE Research Group
Guessing at the Content of a Million Books PDF HTML
Patrick Juola
Bedfellows in Mass Digital Conversion: Ten Years of Text Creation Partnership(s) PDF HTML
Aaron McCollough
The NT2 Hypermedia Art and Literature Directory: A New Knowledge Environment Devoted to the Valorization of Screen Culture PDF HTML
Bertrand Gervais, the NT2 Laboratory Team
From Writing the Grant to Working the Grant: An Exploration of Processes and Procedures in Transition PDF HTML
Lynne Siemens, the INKE Research Group
INKE Administrative Structure, Omnibus Document PDF HTML
Lynne Siemens, Ray Siemens, Richard Cunningham, Teresa Dobson, Alan Galey, Stan Ruecker, Claire Warwick

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