Religion, Science, and Origins: On the Metaphysics of Intelligent Design and Darwinian Evolutionism

Daniel Lett, Mark Vardy


In the US and the UK a debate has arisen over the introduction of “intelligent design theory” to school curricula as an alternative to the scientifi c orthodoxy of Darwinian evolutionism. In popular representation, the debate has been predominately articulated in terms of an apparent antagonism between science and religion. This paper examines the historical and philosophical signifi cance of the issue in order to suggest one possible route for rethinking, and perhaps reconciling, the antagonism. We argue that science and religion cannot be allocated two discrete “magisteria,” and that attempts to do so may obscure a common metaphysical nature. Finally, we show how Gianni Vattimo’s concept of ethics allows us to rethink science and religion, and we offer a practical perspective on the teaching of intelligent design in


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