Women’s Position in the Islamic World View in Mutahhari’s Thought

Khadijeh Zolghadr


This paper examines the thought of Murtada Mutahhari (1920-1980) on the issue of women in Islam or more specifically in the Quran. Mutahhari is a shi’i thinker and philosopher who is known as one of the influential figures in forming the Islamic Republic of Iran. Therefore, examining his thought is important in defining and evaluating women’s position in post-revolutionary Iran.

Emphasizing that the standpoint of the Quran on women’s creation makes it clear that woman is neither inferior to man in her creation nor created from man or for man, Mutahhari relates the different Islamic laws and rights for men and women to different physical and psychological qualifications that have been assigned to them by nature. Nature has done this, in Mutahhari’s view, in order to provide humanity with a solid family foundation. However, in regard to women’s position in the society he believes that in Islamic perspective man and woman are regarded as both equal and similar whereas in the family they are equal but not similar.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18357/illumine4120051589

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