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Cynthia Korpan 1
Jesus Was a Feminist: An Institutional Ethnography of Feminist Christian Women
Beverley Bouma 2-10
Beer Bottles and Saints: A Postcolonial Reading of Jim Logan’s Let Us Compare Miracles from His Classical boriginal Series
Alison Nicole Taylor Campbell 11-17
The Popes and the Cold War: Examining Encyclical Evidence and the Evolution of their Ostpolitik, 1945–1990
Robert H. Dennis 18-24
The Role of Animals In The Tale of the Nativity: A Textual and Visual Analysis
Cynthia Korpan 25-36
Conflict in the Classroom: Religion and Republicanism in Algeria and Alsace, 1918–1940
Bronwen Magrath 37-44
What the Age Demanded: Power and Resistance in Premodern and Postmodern Texts
Carolyn Salomons 45-55
A Spider Woman Story
Janice E. Young 56-60
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