Vol 2, No 1

Table of Contents

Angela Andersen, Eve Millar 1-2
The Struggle for Protestant Identity in Seventeenth Century England ‘Catholic’ Pictures and Protestant Buyers
Seanine Warrington 3-8
From Christianity in China to Chinese Christianity: Missing History Since 1583 and Recent Academic Debates in English
Hua Li 9-16
The Mukaekō Ritual at Taimadera: A Living Tradition of Medieval Japanese Pure Land Buddhism
Monika Dix 17-24
The Tree on White Mountain: On Ritual, Spirit and Place
Alison Pryer 25-26
Our Spiritual Nature: An Exploration into Nature Experiences, Spirituality and Environmental Responsibility
Annick de Witt 27-33
After Ground Zero: Problems of Memory and Memorialisation
Geoff Carr 34-42
Walter Rauschenbusch and Charles Gore: Divergent Paths Towards a Christian Social Ethic
Craig Vance 43-48
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