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WPLC is a peer reviewed working papers journal published by the graduate students of the department of linguistics at the University of Victoria. In 2010 we switched to only online digital publication and our digital archives on this website go back to the first volume printed in 1981.

We publish one thematic issue each year. Every four years we publish the proceedings of the Northwest Linguistics Conference when the conference is hosted by graduate students in the Department of Linguistics of the University of Victoria.


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Vol 24, No 1 (2014): Tribute to John Esling

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Table of Contents


The Melky Way PDF
Jack Chambers, Erin Hall 1-7
Episodes about the IPA Vowel Chart and a Suggestion for a New Diacritic PDF
Akitsugu Nogita, Sky Onosson 8-9
A Tribute to John PDF
Jared Bernstein 10
John Esling, A Canado-American Original PDF
Claire L Carlin 11
A Tribute to John PDF
Alexandra D'Arcy 12
John Esling: Inspiring More than His Students PDF
Phil Howson 13
A Tribute to John PDF
Marianne Huijsmans 14
Personal Tribute to John Esling PDF
John Laver 15
A Tribute to John PDF
Tamara Lister 16
Tribute for John Esling PDF
Martha McGinnis 17
A Tribute to John PDF
Dave McKercher 18
Tribute to John H. Esling, the Larynx Guru: Professor, Supervisor, Friend PDF
Scott Moisik 19-22
A Tribute to John PDF
Shahrzad Saif 23
Tribute to Dr. John Esling PDF
Natalia Shulha 24
Dr. Esling, You Gave Me a Chance PDF
Suzanne Urbanczyk 25

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