Wh-in-situ in Najdi Arabic

Yasser A Albaty


This paper investigates the wh-in-situ in Najdi Arabic. It provides the distribution of the in-situ wh-phrases in Najdi Arabic and compares it to Lebanese Arabic studied by Aoun et al., (2010). It, also, discusses the two major analyses for wh-in-situ languages; LF movement and the unselective binding analysis. Islands insensitivity of the Najdi data supports the unselective binding analysis and rejects, along with data form other in-situ languages, the covert movement. Further, the paper discusses the selectional restriction and how each analysis works to satisfy it. Scope is, also, used to argue that the adopted analysis is compatible with.


: wh-in-situ; Najdi Arabic; LF movement; unselective binding ; Arabic language

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