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WPLC is a peer reviewed working papers journal published by the graduate students of the department of linguistics at the University of Victoria. In 2010 we switched to only online digital publication and our digital archives on this website go back to the first volume printed in 1981.

We publish one thematic issue each year. Every four years we publish the proceedings of the Northwest Linguistics Conference when the conference is hosted by graduate students in the Department of Linguistics of the University of Victoria.


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Vol 23, No 1 (2013): Volume 23

Table of Contents

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Wh-in-situ in Najdi Arabic PDF
Yasser A Albaty 1-14
A report and comparative-historical look at the Cinta Larga, Suruí, Gavião and Zoró languages PDF
Stan Anonby 15-31
Azeri compound nouns: The influence of Persian on a Turkic language PDF
Parisa Erfani 32-50
Salentino Dialect, Griko and Regional Italian: Linguistic Diversity of Salento PDF
Ekaterina Golovko, Vladimir Panov 51-80
Lexical schwa and inserted schwa produced by Mandarin Chinese EAL learners PDF
Xiaoqian Guo, Akitsugu Nogita 81-109
The Properties and Classification of Psych-Predicates in Blackfoot PDF
Kyumin Kim 110-128
Domain analysis of contemporary Chinese American language use in northern California: Some implications for minoritized Chinese languages in the U.S. PDF
Genevieve Leung 129-157
Dutch Turkish diverging from Turkey-Turkish - A judgment task study on how Dutch Turkish employs subordination and word order PDF
Pelin Onar Valk 158-176

Working Papers of the Linguistics Circle

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