Vol 1, No 2 (1981)

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Etymological Problems in the Lexicon of Chinook Jargon: Some Proposed Solutions Part I: Words of French and Canadian French Origin PDF
Barbara P. Harris 218-232
Glottalization in Cowichan PDF
Thomas E. Hukari 233-250
On the Origins of Philippine Particle/Pronominal Sociolinguistic Use PDF
Joseph F. Kess 251-265
*yamu in Nuclear Pama-Nyungan (and Beyond?) Untitled () PDF
Geoffrey N. O'Grady 266-284
Two Despirantization Processes in Sorbian Untitled () PDF
Gunter Schaarschmidt 285-293
British and American Influences on Canadian English PDF
H.J. Warkentyne 294-310

Working Papers of the Linguistics Circle

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