Vol 5, No 1 (1986)

Table of Contents

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The Functional Structure of Some Nitinaht Clauses PDF
Isabel Heaman 1-20
Some Analyses of Vowels by Social Group in the Survey of Vancouver English PDF
John H. Esling 21-32
A Situational Explanation of Discourse: The Case of Political Disqualification Untitled () PDF
Janet Beavin Bavelas, Alex Black, Lisa Bryson, Jennifer Mullett 33-44
Word Choice in Two Canadian Urban Surveys PDF
Gaelan Dodds de Wolf 45-50
The Role of Cohesion and Coherence in Processing Literary Texts PDF
W. John Harker 51-62
Discourse Constraints in Ambiguity Processing: Evidence from Dichotic Listening PDF
Ronald A. Hoppe, Joseph F. Kess 63-70
Borrowed Words and Prehistory along the Straits of Juan de Fuca PDF
Thom Hess 71-86
Gender and Number in Polish and Other Languages: A Preliminary Study PDF
Jan P. van Eijk 87-98
Pragmatic Constructions and Unbounded Dependencies in Japanese PDF
Yong-Bum Kim 99-123

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