Vol 6, No 1 (1987)

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Bribri Nasal Harmony from the Vantage Point of the Universal Theory of Harmony PDF
J.H. Tohsaku 1-10
Interior Glottalization and the Suffix -(V)P in Lilloet, Shuswap and Thompson PDF
Jan P. van Eijk 11-16
A Method for Measuring Conversational Coherence PDF
Alex Black 17-23
Literary Language Death and Literary Language Revival: A Case Study of Czech PDF
Nadĕžda A. Ložkovovă-Spilka 25-41
A Note on Nitinaht Numerals PDF
Thom Hess 43-47
Adverbial Gaps in Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar PDF
Thomas E. Hukari 49-67
Compounding in Spanish PDF
Betty Hesser 69-79

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