Vol 9, No 1 (1990)

Table of Contents

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A Psycholinguistic Implication of Accentual Phrasing in Japanese PDF
Tadao Miyamoto 1-12
Conjunctions and Knowledge Acquisition PDF
Laura Proctor 13-32
Opposition in the Discourse of Argument PDF
Kimary N. Shahin, Joseph F. Kess 33-58
The Effect of the Patient's Social Class on the Doctor's Domineeringness in Doctor-Patient Communication PDF
Linda Coates, Anita Hanks, Ron Hoppe 59-69
Passive Constructions in Japanese - A Lexical Approach in HPSG PDF ()
Chiharu Uda 71-89
Phrase Structure Rules of Chinese Topic Constructions PDF
Ping Xue 91-101
Control in Object-Gapped Purpose Infinitive Constructions PDF
Thomas E. Hukari 103-117
The Universality of Legends? PDF
Sandra Patricia Kirkham 119-127
Toward an Analysis of Mandarin Reduplication PDF
Hua Lin 129-141
Discourse and Coaching: Monologue versus Dialogue PDF
Sharolyn G. Sloat, Ron Hoppe 143-155

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