Vol 10, No 1 (1991)

Table of Contents

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On DE in the Chinese Extent Adverbial Construction Untitled () PDF
Hua Lin 1-16
A Note on ECPO ID/LP Grammar PDF
Ping Xue 17-26
A GPSG Analysis of Case Agreement in German PDF
Sandra Patricia Kirkham 27-38
What is in a Name? PDF
Paul Agbedor 39-47
Metaphor as the Creative Origin of Lexical Ambiguity in English and Japanese PDF
Andrea Giles, Joseph F. Kess, Chiharu Uda 49-62
Lexical and Structural Ambiguity in Japanese and Some Comparisons in English PDF
Tracel Lynne Schnorr von Carolsfeld 63-79
Sculduggery' and the Lord's Prayer: Sound Change, Emigration, and Cultural Attitudes as Factors in the Solution of a Disputed Etymology PDF
Barbara P. Harris 81-90
The Goddess and the Horsemen: A Discussion of the Origins of the Greek Language PDF
Karen Woodman 91-104
Laryngographic Analysis of Phonation in Korean Consonant-Vowel Sequences PDF
John H. Esling 105-114
Reduplication in Sanskrit: An Analysis of the Intensive PDF
Norman Bendle 115-129
Prosodic Analysis of Intensification in Japanese PDF
Chiharu Uda 131-145

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