Vol 11 (1992)

Table of Contents

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The Historical Development of Japanese Psycholinguistics PDF
Joseph F. Kess, Tadao Miyamoto, Chiharu Uda 1-17
Innate Language Capacity and the Language Environment: A Case Study of Adult-Child Conversation PDF
Yang Wei 19-31
Metalinguistic Development and Bilingual Acquisition PDF
Norman Bendle 33-47
Nigeria and Language Change: A Study in Historical Patterns PDF
Chris Whitney 49-56
The Goddess and the Sea People: The Origins of the Languages of the Minoan Scripts PDF
Karen Woodman 57-69
The Register Tonal Feature and the Neutral Tone in Mandarin PDF
Hua Lin 71-81
Verb Serialization in Ewe PDF
Paul Agbedor 83-100
On Processing Empty Categories in English and Japanese PDF
Tadao Miyamoto, Joseph F. Kess 101-109
The Distribution of Chinese Reflexives PDF
Ping Xue 111-128
A Negative Particle ANI in Korean PDF
Hyong-Joong Kim 129-132
Fir' Digital Filter Modelling of Linguistic Pharyngeals Transmission: Short-Time Amplitude in Low Frequency Rapid Spectrum Change PDF
Brenda Orser 133-139
Some Aspects of Australian Comparative Linguistics PDF
Chen Shu-Chen 143-155

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