Vol 12 (1994)

Table of Contents

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Sentence Processing Limitations in Japanese Aphasics PDF
Tadao Miyamoto, Joseph F. Kess 1-11
Aspects of Speech Errors in Chinese PDF
Yang Wei 13-26
Prosodic Structure and Reduplication in Thai PDF
Nuttathida Chakshuraksha 27-38
Cross-Cultural & Cross-Gender Speaking Fundamental Frequency Study: Japanese and English PDF
Yoshinobu Muta 39-47
The Power Quest Theme PDF
Sandra Patricia Kirkham 49-54
Negation in Ewe PDF
Paul Agbedor 55-73
Subject Raising from Tensed Clauses: Evidence from Bella Coola Complex ?ay Constructions PDF
Deirdre Black 75-91
The Scope of the Verbal Suffix of Aspect in Athapaskan PDF
Paul Hopkins 93-114
Topic-Bound Null Pronouns in Chinesee PDF
Suying Yang 115-135

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