Vol 13 (1996)

Proceedings of the 11th Northwest Linguistics Conference.

Table of Contents

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The X-Bar Status of Neg PDF
Jumah Albayaty 1-10
Transitivity and Causation in Lushootseed Morphology PDF
David Beck 11-20
Historical Aspects of Coeur d'Alene Harnony PDF
Susan Fitzgerald 21-33
Tone Space and Tone Features PDF
Baoning Fu 33-43
Can Minimalism Meet Binding Theory? PDF
Michael Gamon 43-51
Kashubian: Language or Dialect? PDF
Paul Hopkins 51-54
Distributivity in Chinese Reciprocal Constructions PDF
Ping Jiang-King 59-69
Esperanto Inflection and Its Interface in HPSG PDF
Wei Li 71-80
Adjunction and Antecedent-Contained Deletion PDF
James Lyle 81-87
Where's the Embedded Agent in French Faire-Infinitive Constructions? PDF
Dave McKercher 89-94
Kana vs. Kanji Processing in the Right vs. Left Hemisphere PDF
Tadao Miyamoto, Joseph F. Kess 95-103
The Syntax of Negation and Optimality Theory PDF
Mark Newson 105-114
Language Breakdown: Implications for the Theory of Functional Categories PDF
Monica Eszter Sanchez 115-124
Shifts in Taboo Loading PDF
Murray Schellenberg 125-130
Reference Time in Discourse PDF
Takashi Suzuki 131-136
Some Patterns of wa in Nxa?amxcin (Moses-Columbia Salish) PDF
Marie Louise Willett 139-149
The Yin and Yang Aspects of Language PDF
Yang Wei 151-160

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