Vol 14 (1997)

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Pharyngeal Approximants, Fricatives, Trills and Stops PDF
John H. Esling 1-12
Acoustic Analysis of Pharyngeal Approximants, Fricatives, Trills and Stops PDF
Lynn M. Heap 13-22
Depictions ofthe Gender Roles in Elementary Language Arts and Mathematics Textbooks in 1940s - 1950s and the Present PDF
Manami Iwata 23-32
Three Perspectives of Determiner Agreement in German PDF
Sandra Patricia Kirkham 33-46
Mandarin Diminutive Formation: An Optimality Analysis PDF
Lili Ma 47-60
Psycholinguistic Dimensions of the Mental Dictionary in Chinese vs. Japanese PDF
Tadao Miyamoto, Joseph F. Kess 61-72
Interactional/Ability Authenticity and the Development of a Criterion-Referenced Performance Test for Evaluating the Oral Proficiency of Teaching Assistants PDF
Shahrzad Saif 73-78
A Discussion of Rosen's (1989) Lexical Analysis of Noun Incorporation PDF
Mavis Smith 79-87
On the Control Structure of the Chinese Verb Daying PDF
Yang Wei 89-105
Unifying Gapping, Right-Node Raising, and Yº-Coordination PDF
Ed Zoerner 107-117

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