Vol 15 (2002)

Proceedings of the Fifteenth Northwest Linguistics Conference, Victoria, B.C. March 6-7, 1999

Table of Contents

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The Syntactic Status of Chinese Negators-mei and meiyou PDF
Lili Ma 1-11
A Two-Tiered Analysis of Sequence of Tenses in English PDF
Kyung-Sook Chung 13-24
The Structure of English Bare Singulars and the Licensing of Complements in DP PDF
Victor J. Eskenazi 25-34
On 'Accusative' Adverbs: A Note on Adverb Licensing PDF
Naomi Harada 35-47
Response to Ura (1994), Varieties of Raising and the Feature-Based Bare Phrase Structure Theory PDF
Anna Dailey-McCartney, Victor Eskenazi, Chia-Hui Huang 49-54
Interlanguage within Optimality Theory: The Acquisition of Spanish Voiced Stop Spirantization PDF
Mavis Smith 55-60
Applicatives in Salishan Languages: Evidence for Two Basic Types PDF
Kaoru Kiyosawa 61-70
A Phonological/Theoretical Evaluation of the Korean Alphabet PDF
E. Wyn Roberts, Kyoung-Ja Lee 71-78
Parallels between Singing and Phonetic Terminology PDF
Laura Anne Bateman 79-84

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