Vol 16 (2002)

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A Case of Was-w in Hessian: New Evidence against Scope-Marking PDF
Chris Bodenbender 1-10
Chinese Ba Construction in HPSG PDF
Man Gao 11-23
An OT Analysis of Chinese Abbreviatory Compounds PDF
Man Gao 25-33
Dialects in a Dead Pidgin: A Preliminary Exploration of Variation in Chinook Jargon PDF
Barbara P. Harris 35-42
Dogrib Co-occurence Restrictions: The Disappearance of [u] PDF
Aliki Marinakis 43-56
The Role of Narrative in Dispute Resolution PDF
Heather Steel 57-69
Vowel Devoicing in Tokyo Japanese PDF
Mihoko Teshigawara 71-85
The Subject Agreement Clitic in Heiltsuk PDF
Ryan Waldie 87-91

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