Vol 17 (2003)

Proceedings of the 19th Northwest Linguistics Conference, Victoria, B.C., 2003

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A Note on the Typological Classification of Basque, Split-Intransitivity and the Unaccusative Hypothesis PDF
Asier Alcázar 1-10
The Relationship between Students' IQ and their Ability to Use Transitional Words and Expressions in Writing PDF
Reza Falahati 11-19
A Sociolinguistic Study on Multilingualism: A Domain Analysis Perspective PDF
Javid Fereidoni 21-28
Geolinguistic Dialect Diffusion: Data Bearing on the Wave and Gravity Models PDF
James C. Fitzsimmons 29-34
Japanese as an Altaic Language: An Investigation of Japanese Genetic Affiliation through Biological Findings PDF
Yuko Igarashi 35-47
First Language (L1) Influence on Second Language (L2) Reading: The Role of Transfer PDF
Khaled Karim 49-54
On Japanese Gapping in Minimalist Syntax PDF
Kumiko Kato 55-64
Ladino's Quirky Vowel Rule: Alternations between Diphthongs and Monothongs in Vowels Arising from the Short Mid Vowels of Latin PDF
Anna Dailey McCartney 65-76
Past in Japanese Relative Clauses Untitled () PDF
Hideo Makihara 77-87
Wolof Consonant Alternation: The Case of Continuancy PDF
Stefania Marin 89-98
Maintaining Simplicity in Dogrib Stems PDF
Aliki Marinakis 99-108
An Optimality Theoretic Account of Spanish Primary Nominal Stress PDF
Jermeny C. Munson 109-115
Agreement and Focus in Galician Inflected Infinitives PDF
Maria del Carmen Parifita Couto 117-126
The Phonetically Determined Distribution of ATR High Vowels in Canadian French PDF
Gabriel Poliquin 127-136
Xº Reflexivization and Subject Orientation in Korean and Chinese PDF
Hong-Ki Sohng 137-148
Voices in Japanese Animation: How People Perceive the Voices of Good Guys and Bad Guys PDF
Mihoko Teshigawara 149-158
More on the Semantics of Free Relatives with -ever PDF
Victoria Tredinnick 159-168
Markedness, Faithfulness and Constraint Promotion in OT Language Learning: Evidence from Greek Child Language PDF
Marina Tzakosta 169-178
Coordination Data as Evidence of Configurationality in Nakoda PDF
Shannon West 179-188
A Unified Analysis of the Ba-Construction PDF
Ling Yan 189-200
A Cognitive Account of Mandarin Coverbs PDF
Hui Yin 201-208
Lexically Marked and Unmarked High Vocoids in Korean: Evidence from Glide Formation in Verbs PDF
Yungdo Yun 209-219
Vowel Harmony in Proto-Finno-Ugric and Hungarian PDF
Les Zsoldos 221-229

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