Vol 1, No 1 (1981)

Table of Contents

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An Assimilation Process in Altamurano and Other Apulian Dialects: an Argument for Labio-Velars PDF
Terry B. Cox 1-17
Passive Use in Modern Sinhala PDF
Hemamali Gunasinghe 18-31
Distinctive Features Matching as a Basis for Finding Cognates PDF
T.R. Henrie 32-41
Les Procedes Linguistiques de la Politesse: Analyse d' un Corpus PDF
Emmanuel Herique 42-78
Cowichan Relative Clauses PDF
Thomas E. Hukari 79-99
Suprasegmental Effects upon Consonant Duration PDF
John C.L. Ingram 100-122
Wundt and Bloomfield: The Leipzig Connection PDF
Joseph F. Kess 123-151
The Genesis of the Pronoun *nga1i in Austra1ia PDF
Geoffrey N. O'Grady 152-173
On Japanese Verb Morphology PDF
Masaaki Tatsuki, 174-196
Changing Norms in Canadian English Usage PDF
H.J. Warkentyne 197-217

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