Vol 3, No 1 (1983)

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Simplifications in the babytalk register: a look at Nootka examples PDF
A.M. Copeland 1-13
A Laryngographic Investigation of Phonation Type and Laryngeal Configurations PDF
John H. Esling 14-36
The Effect of Downdrift on Major Phrase Intonation in Japanese PDF
Neil Gallaiford 37-44
The Effect of Bias on Ambiguity Detection in the Presence of Context PDF
Ronald A. Hoppe 45-59
The Evolution of the Nisgha Counting System: A Window on Cultural Change PDF
Marie-Lucie Tarpent 60-86
Gemination as a Syllable Structure Process in Modern Sinhala PDF
Hemmali Gunasinghe 87-103

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