Vol 4, No 1 (1984)

Table of Contents

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George Orwell on Language PDF
Joseph F. Kess 1-7
The Structure and Function of Nootkan Baby Talk PDF
Anita Copeland 8-22
Baudouin de Courtenay - a pioneer of structural linguistics PDF
I. M. Heaman 23-40
Intonation in Kyuquot - a Scratch on the Surface PDF
Erica Hofmann 41-57
The Role of Closure in Language Processing PDF
Gary Prideaux 58-74
Theme-Rheme Structure and the Article in Sorbian PDF
Gunter Schaarschmidt 75-90
Persuasive Language in Advertising and Televangelism PDF
Joseph F. Kees, Joseph F. Kess Mail 91-113
The Effects of Subject Thematization on the Tonal Pattern of Japanese Sentences PDF
H.J. Warkentyne 114-125

Working Papers of the Linguistics Circle

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