Vol 4, No 2 (1984)

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French Contribution to the Study of the Pacific Northwest Coast Indian Cultures and Languages PDF
Guy P. Buchholtzer 1-38
Word-building Rules and Grammatical Categories of Lummi PDF
Richard Demers, Eloise Jelinek 39-49
Contextualizing Cues in Haida Narrative PDF
Carol M. Eastman, Elizabeth A. Edwards 50-65
Cognitive Configurations in Lushootseed PDF
Anne Galin 66-80
Nooksack Reduplication PDF
Brent Galloway 81-100
Tahltan Consonant Harmony PDF
Margaret F. Hardwick 101-112
Klahowiam Mr Smis': Collocation and Context of Situation in the Interpretation of a Chinook Jargon Text PDF
Barbara P. Harris 113-131
Morphophonemic Spelling for Pedagogical and Other Practical Purposes PDF
Thorn Hess 132-146
The Truth About Cowichan Imperfectives PDF
Thomas E. Hukari 147-161
Cultee's Kathlamet "Salmon's Myth": As Twice-Told to Boas: Language, Memory and Selective Performance PDF
Dell Hymes 162-228
Some Features of Warm Springs Sahaptin PDF
Virgnia Hymes 229-235
Some Agent Hierarchies in Upper Chehalis PDF
M. Dale Kinkade 236-240
Four Upper Skagit Versions of "Starchild" PDF
T. C. S. Langen 241-254
Mrs. Minnie Showaway's "Coyote and the Dogs": Structure and meaning in a Sahaptin narrative PDF
Henry Morrison 255-264
Sprachhistorische Untersuchung zur Stellung des Haida PDF
Jürgen Pinnow 265-317
The Word-Classes of Upper North Wakashan PDF
John C. Rath 318-323
Rich Foods and Real People: A Problem with Tsimshian Food Categories in Boas' Tsimshian Mythology PDF
Margaret Seguin 324-330
Female Indicators in the Twana Language PDF
Nile Thompson 331-336
Punning in Lillooet PDF
Jan P. van Eijk 337-338
Some Evidence of Elaboration in Chinook Jargon PDF
Henry Zenk 339-355
From the Nishga speaker's point of view: the evidential postclitics PDF
Marie-Lucie Tarpent 356-370

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