Vol 7, No 1 (1988)

Table of Contents

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Phonetic Analysis of Korean Obstruents PDF
John H. Esling 1-12
Replacing a Word-Order Strategy in Inflections:The Development of Sentence Construction By a Russian-Speaking Child PDF
I.M. Heaman 13-24
A Metrical Analysis of the Lillooet Stress System PDF
Andrea Giles 25-40
Semantics over Syntax -- Ambiguity as a Psycholinguistic Non-Problem PDF
Ronald A. Hoppe, Joseph Kess 41-44
Les Emplois de 'Tiens' Interjectif en Langue Français PDF
E.M. Hérique 45-56
Grammatical Usage: Regional Differences In Syntactic Choice in Canadian English PDF
Gaelan Dodds de Wolf 57-70
The Domain of Reflexivization in English PDF
Thomas E. Hukari 71-102
Argument as a Formulation-Decision-Decision... Sequence PDF
Kimary N. Shahin 103-120
The Tone Structure of Chinese Regulated Verse PDF
Ping Xue 121-134
A Preliminary Investigation of the Acoustic Context Of Homograph Pairs PDF
Suzanne Urbanczyk 135-146

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