Vol 8, No 1 (1989)

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Stem Variation in Modern Sinhala Verb Morphology PDF
Pannakitti Parawahera 1-10
Subcategorization Lists in Immediate Dominance Rules PDF
Thomas E. Hukari 11-26
Assignment of Syllable Stress in a Demisyllable-Based Text-to-Speech Synthesis System PDF
Suzanne C. Urbanczyk, Stephen J. Eady 27-34
Adjectives in English Compounds PDF
Dawn Bates 35-58
Dialect Contact and Dialect Transition: A Case Study PDF
Marjorie F. Mann, Barbara P. Harris 59-74
Prosodic Structure in Spokane Morphology PDF
Dawn Bates, Barry F. Carlson 75-96
Development of a Demisyllable-Based Speech Synthesis System PDF
S.J. Eady, T.M.S. Hemphill, J.R. Woolsey 97-106
The Evolution of the Sound System of Portuguese PDF
Kimiko Tsukada 107-120

Working Papers of the Linguistics Circle

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