Vol 19, No 1 (2009)

Proceedings of the 23rd Northwest Linguistics Conference

Table of Contents

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On the structure of possessives in Palestinian Arabic PDF
Sam Al Khatib 1-12
Focus marking in Dagbani PDF
Fusheini Hudu 13-29
Anaphoric relations with Greek pronouns PDF
Christiana Christodoulou 30-47
Not does more than what the truth-functional negation can do PDF
Yasuhiro Sasahira 48-70
Syntactic types of Russian expressive suffixes PDF
Olga Steriopolo 71-108
St’át’imcets independent pronouns-the invisible cleft PDF
Sonja Thoma 109-123
A radical construction grammar analysis of Mandarin Chinese SOV sentences PDF
Antoine Tremblay 124-140
Preliminary investigation of the relationship between morphology and phonology in SENĆOŦEN (Saanich) PDF
Janet Leonard 141-152
The afterlife of morphemes: Rendaku and the search for ghosts in Japanese morphophonology PDF
Thomas Magnuson 153-163
Frequency, phonology, the brain, and second language acquisition: Laying the ground work for a hybrid approach PDF
Scott Moisik 164-188
Phonological changes in Korean PDF
Junsuk Park 189-195
The effect of word-frequency on consonant gradation in Canadian-Finnish bilingual speech PDF
Pauliina Saarinen 196-216
An optimality theory analysis of diminutive suffixation of Beijing Chinese PDF
Jun Tian 217-232
Code-Switching in Persian/English and Korean/English Conversations: With a focus on light verb constructions PDF
Lan Kim, Fereshteh Rezaeian 232-244
English tr produced by Mandarin speakers PDF
Ya Li 245-257
Are lexical bundles stored and processed as single units? PDF
Antoine Tremblay, Bruce Derwing, Gary Libben 258

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