Vol 20, No 1 (2010)

Connecting Graduate & Undergraduate Research

Table of Contents

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Morphological awareness in bilingual Inuktitut-English speakers from the perspective of relational spreading PDF
Barbara Jenni 1-15
Formative and plural infixation in Nuucaan'u : An argument for prosodic morphology PDF
Mike Anthony 16-25
Vowel epenthesis in Bangla: An Optimality Theory analysis PDF
Khaled Karim 26-36
The Important role of phonological awareness in learning to read: A change in perspective PDF
Lyra Magloughlin 37-49
Crossing linguistic boundaries: Making the most of crosslinguistic influence in the language classroom PDF
Brittney O’Neill, Josh Bennet, Chantal Vanier 50-62
The effects of time compression on the comprehension of natural and synthetic speech PDF
Janine Lebeter, Susan Saunders 63-81
Do Japanese ESL learners’ pronunciation errors come from inability to articulate or misconceptions about the target sounds? PDF
Akitsugu Nogita 82-116
LOL! (laughing online): An investigation of non-verbal communication in computer mediated exchanges PDF
Brittney O’Neill 117-123
-s: The latest slang suffix, for reals PDF
Vanessa McCumber 124-130
Strategies for webpage trans-editing: A socio-cultural study PDF
Qian Xiaojuan 131

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