Vol 21, No 1 (2011)

Proceedings of the 27th Northwest Linguistics Conference

A selection of the papers presented at the 27th Northwest Linguistics Conference held at the University of Victoria on February 19th and 20th.

Table of Contents

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Degrees of phonetic enhancement by speech clinicians towards speech- /language- impaired children PDF
Leanne C Secen, Tae-Jin Yoon 1-8
It's that schwa again! Towards a typology of Salish schwa PDF
Aliana Parker 9-22
An Optimality Theoretic (OT) account of word-final vowel epenthesis and deletion processes in the incorporation of loanwords into the Dhaka dialect of Bangla PDF
Khaled Karim 23-33
The structural category of past tense woon in Wolof PDF
Christen Harris 34-42
Epenthesis, intrusion, or deletion? Vowel alternation in consonant clusters by Japanese ESL learners PDF
Akitsugu Nogita 43-51
Non-derivational approach to ditransitive constructions in MSA PDF
Reem Alsadoon 52-60
The “Gradient Structure” of Korean Words PDF
Hailey Hyekyeong Ceong 61-69
Plural marking in Turkish: Additive or associative? PDF
Emrah Görgülü 70-80
Allomorphy in Masarak's second person PDF
Ruth Brillman 81-91
Past simple & present perfect: Distribution in the Standard Italian of Greater Rome PDF
Elizabeth Magnotta 92-101
Emotions and lexical memory PDF
Heidi B. Kent 102-110
Exploring syntactic categories in a construction grammar framework PDF
Christina Nadia Galeano 111-117
The cognitive semantics of Chinese motion / directional verbs PDF
Hui Yin 118-125
A linguistic analysis of humor: A look at Seinfeld PDF
Elizabeth Magnotta, Alexandra Strohl 126-135
The effect of affect? Task variability in L2 French PDF
Deborah Ann Rosalia Moniuk 136-144
Effect of translation practice on vocabulary acquisition in L2 Spanish PDF
Irina Goundareva 145-154
From home to school: Bridging the literacy gap in L1 Wolof children learners of L2 French in Senegal PDF
Moustapha Fall 155-163
Student attitudes toward their instructor accents in L2 Spanish and French Courses PDF
Carmen Miranda-Barrios 164-171
Language use in Nunavut: a view from the World Englishes paradigm PDF
Jennifer A. J. Hinnell 172-180
Ukrainian language in Canada: From prosperity to extinction? PDF
Khrystyna Hudyma 181-189
Reinventing the linguistic landscape of a national protest PDF
Corinne A. Seals 190-202
Kwak'wala Modality PDF
Stacey Menzies 203
The First Word Was Not a Noun PDF
Cory Marie Stade 204

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