Vol 21, No 2 (2012)

Proceedings of the Workshop on Syntax of Relative Clauses

Selected papers from the Workshop on Syntax of Relative Clauses held at UVic from June 18th to 19th 2011.

Table of Contents

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Relative clauses, or clause-sized nominalizations? A consideration of Blackfoot PDF
Sara Johansson 1-15
Focus and relativization: head-final relatives in Thompson Salish PDF
Karsten Koch 16-28
Oblique Marked Relatives in Southern Interior Salish: Historical Implications for a Movement Analysis PDF
John Lyon 29-68
Relativization in Omagua: the role of pro PDF
Tammy Stark 69-79
Scottish Gaelic Prepositional Relatives: the Problem of Inflection PDF
Christine Sheil 80-90
Subject-verb agreement in English relative clauses: Using speech errors and psycholinguistic approaches to distinguish between syntactic representations PDF
Cecily Jill Duffield 91-99
What does it take to host a (restrictive) relative clause? PDF
Martina Wiltschko 100-145

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