Vol 1, No 1

The Albatross is a new forum for undergraduate scholarship in the field of English literary criticism, and is in its first year of publication at the University of Victoria. Our mission is to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to publish some of their exceptional work in a peer reviewed journal, while simultaneously fostering connections between students and faculty members. This is the first issue of The Albatross online!

Table of Contents


An Essay on "An Essay on Criticism": Derision as Inspiration PDF
Cameron R Butt
The Aesthete, the Hedonist, the Imperialist and the Dandy: The Construction of Masculinity at the Fin de Siècle in Vernon Lee’s “Prince Alberic and the Snake Lady” and J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan PDF
Caitlin Ehman
Sculpting Theatre, Sculpting Self: The Construction of Form and Identity in Shaw's _Pygmalion_ PDF
Amelia Nezil
Playing Indian: Performance of Indianness in Truth and Bright Water PDF
Alan David Orr
Beyond the “Glass Case of Tradition”: Depicting the Beauty and Power of Marginalized Groups, through Djuna Barnes’s Nightwood PDF
Jessica Reimann

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University of Victoria