Vol 3, No 1

Table of Contents


Cavernous Spaces in Plato and Virgil PDF
Jonathan Año 7
Two Blind Mice: Sight, Insight, and Narrative Authority in Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes PDF
Jayme E Collins 17
Ovid and Ignorance: Gender, Sexuality and Alterity in the Metamorphoses and the Heroides PDF
Halley Zenobia Fulford 25
Beyond Gothic Freedom and Limitation: Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey as an Expansion of Female Independence PDF
Katherine Goertz 35
Mr. Darwin’s Book: Responses to On the Origin of Species in the Victorian Periodical Press PDF
Megan Halford 43
The War at Home: Representing the Iraq War in Ali Smith's "The Accidental" PDF
Quinn MacDonald 55
Forgetting the Boy in the Box: Mad Men’s Don Draper and Lacan’s Mirror Stage PDF
Myles Logan Sauer 67
“Why Was It We Went Out of the Church?”: Night, Day, and Religious Space in The Story of an African Farm PDF
Lee van der Kamp 75

EISSN  1927-4599
University of Victoria