Full-text of APPEAL Volume 19 (2014)

Appeal Appeal



Jasreet Badyal, Perry v Schwarzenegger: An Opportunity to “Do” Law Differently

Katie Duke, Ownership of Rainwater and the Legality of Rainwater Harvesting in British Columbia

Chris Durrant, “None of that Paper Stuff Works”: A Critique of the Legal System’s Efforts to End Domestic Assault in Nunavut

Lisa Grantham, Bill C-14: A Step Backwards for the Rights of Mentally Disordered Offenders in the Canadian Criminal Justice System

Bethany Hastie & Alison Yule, Milestone or Missed Opportunity? A Critical Analysis of the Impact of Domotor on the Future of Human Trafficking Cases in Canada

Louise Mimnagh, Probate Actions and “Suspicious Circumstances”: A Third Standard of Proof for Allegations Involving Moral Guilt

Benjamin Oliphant, Interpreting the Charter with International Law: Pitfalls and Principles

Kirsten Snell, Can Water be a Human Right?


Dana Phillips, The Prude in the Law: Why the Polygamy Reference Is All About Sex

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