Vol 5, No 1 (1999)

Table of Contents

Full Issue PDF


Courts under Siege: How the New Charter Politics Are Affecting the Judiciary PDF
Gavin Sinclair 6-11
From Abba to Gould: A Closer Look at the Development of Personality Rights in Canada PDF
Conrad Nest 12-17
Advances Less Criminal than Hormonal: Rape and Consent in R. v. Ewanchuk PDF
Gavin Last 18-27
Mystic Infallibility: Using Probability Theorems to Sift DNA Evidence PDF
Richard Overstall 28-37
When Worlds Collide: The Legal Rights of Minors in Ontario to Direct Medical Treatment PDF
John Philippe Schuman 38-53
New Trend in Equality Jurisprudence PDF
Marie-Adrienne Irvine 54-73
Islamic Human Rights: Islamic Law and International Human Rights Standards PDF
Isha Khan 74-85
Private Costs of Safer Communities: DNA Evidence and Data Banking in Canada PDF
Christa Scowby 86-96


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