Vol 14, No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents

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Too Much Protection, Too Little Gain: How Official Marks Undermine the Legitimacy of Intellectual Property Law
Donna L. Davis 1-16
Customary Adoption in British Columbia: Recognizing the Fundamental Differences
Kisa MacDonald 17-23
Sui Not-So-Generous: The Unconstitutionality of Canadian Court Martial Jury Trials
Lieutenant (NAVY) Mike Madden 24-36
There was a High Court That Swatted a Fly . . . But Why? Mental Disability in the Negligent Infliction of Psychiatric Injury and the Decisions in Mustapha v. Culligan
Margo Louise Foster 37-67
The Edges of Exception: Implications for Indigenous Liberation in Canada
Tara Williamson 68-83
Missing Subjects: Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, Data Problems and Racialized Policing
Mandy Cheema 84-99
Rethinking the Conclusiveness of Judicial Notice: A Theoretical Approach
Fred Gjoka 100-107
Lacking Context, Lacking Change: A Close Look at Five Recent Lower Court Sexual Assault Decisions
Jessica Derynck 108-120


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