Editorial Team


Volume 21 (2016)

Editor in Chief                   Jim Wu and Lina Trong

Business Officers               Spencer Chang, Mandeep Kular and Carolyn Leblanc

Subscriptions Officer        Junki Hong

Public Relations and Fundraising Officer          Carolyn Leblanc

Publications Managers       Lan Nguyen and Kelly leVann

Submissions Managers       Daniel Pagan and Khoa Tran

Faculty Advisors

Professor    Ted McDorman

Professor     Michael M'Gonigle

Volume 20 (2015)

Editor in Chief  Katherine Ratcliffe

Business and Subscriptions Managers Britney Newbigging & Quin Sheppard

Publications Managers David Gill & Jane Henderson

Submissions Managers  Margaret House & Katja Schiffer-Graham

Public Relations and Fundraising Team  Ivelina Ivanova & Lina Truong



Professor  Ted McDorman

Professor  Michael M'Gonigle

Librarian  Neil Campbell



Layout    Maher Design Studio

Printing  Printing Services, University of Victoria



Volume 19 (2014)

Gillian Calder

Kathryn Chan

Maneesha Deckha

Mark R Gillen

Dick Graham

Rebecca Johnson

Michelle Lawrence

M Jerry McHale, QC

Justin Mohammed

Andrew Newcombe

Anthony Sheppard

Lisa Slater

Hilary A. N. Young



The Editorial Board of volume 20 (2015) extends a thank you to the many members of the University of Victoria Libraries who have supported our transition to Open Access hosting.  Special thanks to Inba Kehoe (Scholarly Communications Librarian and Copyright Officer), Michael Lines (Faculty and Student Services Librarian), and Kim Nayyer (Information Services Librarian).