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Publishing a journal is the work of many people. The people listed below have been integral to the creation and production of The Arbutus Review.

  • Teresa Dawson, Director of the Learning and Teaching Centre, who created the Journal
  • Inba Kehoe, Scholarly Communications and Copyright Officer of the Library, who shepherds the online portion of the Journal
  • Laurie Waye, Managing Editor of the Journal and Manager of the Writing Centre
  • Michael Lukas, Guest editor of the Journal
  • Shu-min Huang, Journal Designer and Coordinator of the Writing Centre

All submissions are reviewed blind by at least two readers. These readers are graduate students, researchers, staff, and alumni from the University of Victoria. We thank them for their valuable contributions to The Arbutus Review.

Akina Umemoto                                Helen Kennedy

Anirban Kar                                      Ilijc Albanese

Behn Skovgaard Andersen                 Jennifer Smith

Bethany Coulthard                            Jonathan Schmid

Brendan Boyd                                   Judy Walsh

Brian Coleman                                  Julia Serena Ready

Brian Vatne                                      Leslie Bragg

Carrie Hill                                         Linnea Gay Perry

Christina Suzanne                             Marion Selfridge

Clarise Lim                                       Scott Kouri

Constance Sobsey                             Sheri Gitelson

Emma Hughes                                   Stephanie Field

Heike Lettari

We also thank the instructors who supported their students’ submissions. Their weaving together of research into the undergraduate experience has enriched their students’ education.

  • Dr. Alexandra D’Arcy, Department of Linguistics
  • Dr. Charlotte Schallié, Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies
  • Dr. Daniella Constantinescu, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Jillianne Code, Faculty of Education
  • Dr. Kevin Walby, Department of Sociology
  • Dr. Laura Cowen, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Dr. Martin Adams, Department of Pacific and Asian Studies
  • Dr. Rustom Bhiladvala, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Valerie Irvine, Faculty of Education


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