No 1 (2010)

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Scholarly Articles

She’s fast for her age! Older women and running culture PDF
Bridget J. McGowan, Dr. Andre Smith 1-14
A simply transformative view of the single-transferable vote: Looking through a gendered lens at electoral reform in British Columbia PDF
Annabel Kristin Rixen 15-29
The Jolly-Seber-Tag-Loss model with group heterogeneity PDF
Selina Beatriz Gonzalez, Dr. Laura Cowen 30-43
Huxian’s Foolish Old Men Create New Scenes: Huxian Peasant Paintings from the Cultural Revolution and their Ideological Discourses PDF
Dean Ashton 44-67
Exploring death and dying through discourse PDF
Al Whitney, Dr. Andre Smith 68-80
The relationship between size and expression of nonmetric traits on the human skull PDF
Chelsea Wilson 81-97
“Warm zeal and cool judgement”: The cheap repository and English charity, 1794-1800 PDF
Megan Clare Webber 98-120


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