Vol 3, No 1 (2012)

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Laurie Waye i-ii

Scholarly Articles

A Forest in Transition: The Role of Small-scale Disturbances PDF
Kira Hoffman, Carley Coccola, Kimberly House, Annie Markvoort 1-22
Integrated Coastal Management: 'Wicked' Problems and 'Clumsy' Solutions PDF
Ansley Charbonneau 23-36
Religious Space and Place in Modern China PDF
Elizabeth Harvey 37-52
Question Bridge: Black Males: Socially Engaged Art and the Politics of Dialogue PDF
Sara Fruchtman 53-66
Environmentalism and the "Ecological Indian" in Avatar: A Visual Analysis PDF
Justin Fritz 67-90
Windows into Heaven: Russian Icons of the Brown Collection PDF
Regan Denarde Shrumm 91-112
Medicine for the Masses: The Placebo Effect of Early Modern Medical Frontispieces and the Commercialization of Socialized Medicine PDF
Ryan Church 113-123
Of Things Unseen: Finding the Estate in Jane Austen’s Persuasion PDF
Rebecca Rogers 124-133

Research-based Creative Works

Yamanba: A Radio Play by Terayama Shuji PDF
Erin Lofting 134-167
Death of a Watchdog, Death of Democracy PDF
Joshua Kepkay 168-173

Working Papers

Does This Profile Picture Make Me Look Fat? Facebook and the Presentation of Self PDF
Tim March 174-179
Women's Hairstyles: Two Canadian Women's Hairstories PDF
Rhonda Sheen 180-184
Dining in Victoria, British Columbia: Vegetarianism and the Unaccommodating Restaurant Industry PDF
Paul K. N. Shand 185-190


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