Vol 3, No 2 (2012)

Special Focus on Indigenous Governance

Table of Contents


Acknowledgements PDF
Learning & Teaching Centre, University of Victoria i-ii

Editor's Introduction

Editor's Introduction PDF
Adam Gaudry 1-5

Scholarly Articles

WSANEC: Emerging Land or Emerging People PDF
Jack Horne 6-19
The Van der Peet Test: Constitutional Recognition or Constitutional Restriction? PDF
Alexandra Kent 20-36
Global Hegemony and Place-Based Resistance: Citizenship, Representation, and Place in Canadian Multiculturalism and the Zapatista Movement PDF
Cameron J.H. Brown 37-60
Humour in Contemporary Indigenous Photography: Re-focusing the Colonial Gaze PDF
Meagan Sugrue 61-79
Indigenous Women as the Other: An Analysis of the Missing Women's Commission of Inquiry PDF
Jodi Beniuk 80-97
Fiduciary Relationship as Contemporary Colonialism PDF
Christina Yui Iwase 98-115


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