Bosnia Remade: Ethnic Cleansing and its Reversal

The book chronicles how the combination of biopolitical and geopolitical segregation can lead to the ability to clearly define groups in a manner that facilitates the eradication of particular populations. It is a detailed account of the atrocities that can occur when the "others" can be so readily identified and clustered. The book reviews the local and global factors that lead to the destruction of a country (Yugoslavia) and the emergence of a sub-region (Bosnia) and how the confluence of political, economic and migration factors led to the ability to attempt the extermination of a group of individuals. After examining all the facts the authors argue that not enough time has elapsed to determine whether the intended goal of ethnic cleansing actually worked. Their book, however, provides a written warning of how the establishment of new borders can have catastrophic results. The book provides a historical account of the facts while providing some framework to understand how the different parts of the puzzle came into play.

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Online ISSN: 2159-1229