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Beyond the Paradigmatic Mirage of Transfrontier Urbanism? Cities, Space, and “Post-Political” War Along the US/Mexico Border

Olivier Thomas Kramsch


Twenty-two years ago, as a visiting student at the Colegio de la Frontera Norte, I hunched down one afternoon in the sun blasted desert buffer zone comprising the San Diego side of the US/Mexico border, and looked on, bewitched, at the boundary shimmering between both countries. My Tijuana student colleagues thought I was a bit despistado to brave this landscape thusly, dangerous as it is for lone pedestrians at any time of day or night. But there is something dangerously enchanting about this particular borderscape, lending itself to myriad reveries, fantasies, and projections to a gringo like me, who grasped this space as a single entity, where "North meets South," First World touching upon Third.

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