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Identification with Transboundary Places and Support for Ecological Transboundary Governance: A Case Study of British Columbia Environmental Activists

Don K. Alper, Debra J. Salazar


This paper is a case study of BC environmentalists to assess activists' identification with transboundary places and support for transboundary governance. The focus is on environmental cases and issues involving British Columbia and its American neighbors. The study draws on semi-structured interviews with twenty seven environmentalists to characterize their identification with regional, provincial and national entities and to explore the relation between their identification and political practices. Assessing support for transboundary governance is important as regional and multinational governance systems continue to evolve to manage ecological assets shared across borders. This study concludes that although transboundary political practices is common to the environmental movement, there is little support for expanded or new institutions for transboundary governance.

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