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Border Tales: A Comparison of Spanish-Language and English-Language News

Kristin C. Moran


Spanish-language media in the United States have experienced unprecedented growth in the past few years and KBNT, the local Spanish-language station in San Diego, has seen a 218 percent jump in viewers since 2003. Therefore, the mass media environment has broadened for viewers who choose Spanish-language programming. From an agenda-setting perspective, two newscasts-KBNT, the Spanish-language station, and KGTV, a station devoted to the English-language audience-were analyzed to compare the types of news items presented. The data from the content analysis confirm that KBNT focuses on stories more relevant to a Latino audience while the English-language news is less likely to focus on issues related to immigration or the border. This may have a significant impact as the Latino population continues to grow in southern California.

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