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Transborder Cascadia: Opportunities and Obstacles

Patrick J. Smith


The issue of the continuing significance of borders within North America provides a good basis for analysis of changes in-and our understanding of-the nature and impact of national boundaries early in the 21st century. The recent literature on borders runs a gamut from the emergence of "a borderless world" and the end of the nation state (Ohmae 1990/1, 1999) to polycentric redefinitions (Blatter 2001, 2003); from the 'creeping constitutionalism' of trade agreements and the weakening of national boundaries by globalization and its neo-liberal non-state bias (McBride 2003; Dittgen 2000; Sharpe 2002; Anderson 2002) to 'denationalization' and the need to distinguish 'territory from territoriality' (Sassen 2000; Anderson 2003) and to 'transnationalism' (O'Dowd 2002); and from 'borders under stress' (Martin and Brown 2000; Newman 2000; Blake 2000) and 'glocalism' (Harmsworth 2001) to 'border flexibility' (O'Dowd 2003) and the (still) continuing significance of nation-state-centric borders (Dittgen 2000).

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