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Land-Borders and Sea-Borders: An Exploration of Differences in Border Region Development

Marina van Geenhuizen, Piet Rietveld


Land-borders and the adjacent regions have attracted considerable attention since the early 1980s. However, there has been a neglect of sea-borders and the adjacent coastal regions. This paper has the aim to signal differences in development between land-border and sea-border regions, based on a different historical development of interaction costs in crossborder transport and on differences in the characteristics of land-borders and sea-borders. To this purpose, the focus is on two types of border impacts on border regions, i.e., interaction between adjacent border regions (mainly in transport) and economic development of these regions. Border impacts are illustrated with examples from a small country, the Netherlands, with an almost equal length of land-borders and sea-borders. The paper concludes with a summary and indications of future research.

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