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From Peace to Partnership: Challenges of Integration and Development along the Peru-Ecuador Border

Raúl P. Saba


The common needs and aspirations of those living on both sides of the Peru-Ecuador border have challenged the central governments of these two "distant neighbors" to achieve a peaceful solution to their long-standing border dispute. These similar hopes and necessities provide impetus for a socioeconomic partnership benefiting the transborder region in the near term, as well as the national economies as the relationship consolidates over the longer term. This study examines the developmental needs, opportunities, and projects relevant to the integration of the Peru-Ecuador borderlands. Not only will new roads and bridges link populations once separated by armies, minefields, and neglect, but they will also serve as conduits for cultural, educational, and commercial exchange and integration. An incipient transborder culture and partnership await this border region in the new millennium.

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