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Micro-, Meso-, and Macropatterns of Women's Migration to Colonia Popular, Mexicali, Baja California

Tamar Diana Wilson


This study of women's migration to Colonia Popular in Mexicali, when compared to women's migration to the city and state as a whole, shows that the proportions of internal migrants from various states of origin may differ in a specific colonia (microlevel analysis) as compared to the city in which that colonia is located (mesolevel analysis), and as compared to the state in which that city is located (macrolevel analysis). Network-mediated migration thus leads to the concentration of women and men from the same state of origin in specific cities and in specific neighborhoods within those cities. Female migrants to Colonia Popular migrated with parents, husbands, or as female heads of households accompanied only by their children. Women from specific states may outnumber men from the same states, whether on the micro-, meso-, or macrolevel, due to the fact that they use female-based migration networks to aid them in the migration process.

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