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Third Generation Maquiladoras? The Delphi-General Motors Case

Jorge Carrillo, Alfredo Hualde


This study is an analysis of the Research, Design, and Development Center of Delphi-General Motors, established in 1995 in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. This center designs and develops prototypes of autoparts, determines their manufacturability, and maintains productive links with assembly plants of the parent company. The objective of this study is to determine if this particular case represents a radical leap in technology and productive techniques with regard to the maquiladora plants previously established on the border. The main hypothesis of this study is that a different kind of maquiladora, or third generation maquiladora, is taking shape, comprised of research, design, and development (RD&D) centers that had begun with organizational training offered, particularly in second generation maquiladoras. This hypothesis is based on the plant's orientation toward shaping a labor-intensive industrial conglomerate that employs highly skilled, professional labor, as opposed to other maquiladora plants that employ either labor with little education or semi-skilled labor.

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