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The Idea of Cascadia: Emergent Transborder Regionalisms in the Pacific Northwest-Western Canada

Donald K. Alper


This paper examines the binational economic and ecological region in the Pacific Northwest and western Canada known as "Cascadia." Growing awareness of regional economic strength and ecological interdependence has stimulated various Cascadia visions and agendas aimed at diminishing the barrier effect of the Canada-United States border. These visions vary depending on how the region is geographically constructed and the extent to which growth economies or ecosystems are valued. The paper argues that business groups and nongovernmental organizations are the key actors promoting regional ties. The nature of these linkages and cooperative processes that have evolved to sustain them are discussed. The paper concludes by assessing Cascadia as both a set of mind-sets about the region and evolving frameworks for transnational cooperation and problem solving in the binational area.

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